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Cashflow forecasting is at the heart of Elvervision, which can be used to build an accurate a forecast, projecting up to 10 years to see the outcome of a decision, and including non financial data for true insight. A forecast includes these key financial statements:

Cash flow statement – the amount of cash entering and leaving your business. It allows business owners and managers to understand how the business operations are running, where money is coming from and how it is being spent.

Profit and loss – this summarises the revenues, costs and expenses incurred during a specific period of time. It shows your businesses ability to generate profit by increasing revenue, reducing costs or both.

Balance sheet – this summarises your assets, liabilities and shareholder’s equity at a specific point in time. It’s what the company owns and owes and the amount invested by stakeholders.

Business planning is made easy with Elvervision. Lay out your plan using scenario and performance dashboards and combine this with actual data to make better business decision.

Add commentary Line-by-line assumptions
Annotate the assumptions which have been taken when building a business plan and share internally and externally. Accurately model the future of the business with unlimited forecast items. The more you can visualise, the more empowered you become.
Create from trends Import from spreadsheets
Build forecasts fast using historical business data. Quickly assign growth rates or fixed increases or decreases that account for seasonality. Use existing spreadsheet budgets and forecasts to get started and then customise them further in Elvervision.